We stand for transparency.

That is why we voluntarily undertake to comply with the requirements of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.

In addition, we publish a detailed cost plan under each project in which we transparently break down all expenses. So you always know where your donation euros are going and what we are using your money for. This is how transparency works!

Name, location and responsible persons

proneza gemeinnützige GmbH
Dönhoffstr. 32, 10318 Berlin

Founded in: 2020
Managing Partner: Lukas Auer

Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
HRB 222039 B

Goals/Visions/Values and Statute

Clear, targeted projects with maximum impact at minimum administration and cost. No big overhead, no expensive downtown office, no pointless giveaways.

But Projects that make a difference. Transparent, long termed and with maximum added value on site.

Read more about our values and way of operation: https://proneza.de/en/about-us


Charitable status

Due to the promotion of development cooperation as well as adult education and vocational training, our activity is officially recognized as non-profit organization by the tax office for corporations I in Berlin (tax number 27/612/07738) on 17.11.2020. Our work and the use of funds are regularly checked to ensure that they are used sparingly and in accordance with our statutes.

Your donation is tax deductible.

Source and use of funds

Apart from our employee in Guinea Bissau, we at proneza work voluntarily.
Team: https://proneza.de/en/about-us

Our annual report provides comprehensive information about our work and how proneza uses your donations. As we are still in the first year of our foundation, our first annual report will be published in March 2021.

Our declared goal is an administrative expense ratio (office, IT, public relations, salaries) of less than 10%.

Thus we move in the top field of non-profit organizations and this means: of every 10 Euros donated, more than 9 Euros reach the affected people directly on site!

Connections with third parties and major donations

proneza is non-partisan, non-denominational and independent. There is no legal connection to third parties.

There were no grants, which account for more than 10 % of our total annual income.



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