sweet child sponsorships

unfortunately we do not offer.

In addition to one-time donations, sponsorships are an essential pillar for financing our teachers’ salaries, urgently needed school equipment and working materials.

Unlike many other organizations, we do not offer sponsorships for individual children. There are many reasons for this, not least we are against the preference of individual (perhaps particularly dramatic) life stories, but would like to improve the living conditions of as many people as possible in a sustainable way.

Donations without personal contact also cause significantly lower administrative costs. What many people don’t consider: Even with a supposedly targeted sponsorship, your money does not go 100% to the child. Regular photos, letters and updates from the sponsored child do not create and send themselves. In larger organizations, therefore, many employees are usually only busy creating information material about individual children, taking photos and forwarding letters and paintings. This is an incredible logistical effort, which in the end is paid for by your sponsorship and the actual project is missing.

This is why the magazine “Finanztest” an the United Nations also recommends promoting projects instead of partnerships for individual children (issue 12/2004).

Unfortunately, we cannot do without cute photos of children either, because we too are ultimately dependent on the generosity and compassion of our donors. Nevertheless, we remain true to our principle of efficient use of funds, and forego the promotional but costly individual sponsorships.