The COVID-19 pandemic also surprised us at proneza out of the blue. Another visit to the construction site and the village communities in Cassolol was planned for March this year. Our flight to Africa was cancelled at short notice, an end of the pandemic as well as a return to normal travel possibilities is still not foreseeable as of September 2020.
Although construction work had already started, the land was cleared and the first bricks were poured, this pandemic unfortunately means a forced break for our school project. During our visit on site, important meetings with engineers and local construction companies were planned to coordinate the further construction progress.

As long as a safe and predictable trip to Guinea Bissau is not feasible, a further continuation of our school project is only possible with restrictions

Current situation in Guinea Bissau

our team loading the relief supplies

While generous aid packages and government support measures are being launched, people in Africa are left alone with the COVID-19 pandemic. There is hardly any government aid, most international organizations are currently unable to travel to the country, as we are, or have been brought back home for security reasons. Even though current case numbers and statistics are difficult to obtain, we can give a very good picture of the situation of the population. The population has to struggle with the economic consequences of the global lockdown. Everywhere in the country there were or are strict exit restrictions, and public life is still reduced. Travel is only possible to a limited extent and was at times completely prohibited. Many people have lost their jobs.

We have therefore decided to provide emergency aid to help the people in the Cassolol region through this difficult time. Due to the current rainy season this was connected with special efforts. Roads are washed out, our transporter had two flat tires and once had to be freed from the mud by a tractor.

Our emergency aid.

As always, we have oriented our aid delivery to the needs of the local people. In addition to urgently needed rice, personal hygiene, which we take for granted, is a particular problem. Without electricity and running water it is difficult to wash hands regularly. Water has to be laboriously pulled up from the well every time. Rope and bucket are used equally by all villagers. A real hotspot for corona transmissions.
Our colleague Samuel, together with Thomas, a friendly emigrant from Hamburg, and Almamo, delivered

  • 2 tons of rice
  • Protective masks
  • soap blocks and a
  • Washing and hygiene station

to Cassolol.

The team was on the road for 4 days, and laboriously fought its way to the northwest of the country with Thomas’ VW bus.

On 27.08.2020, after a long and exhausting journey, the time had finally come. The people gathered at the central place of the village, the relief supplies were handed over and the instruction in the hygiene station took place. With the help of this washing and hygiene station it is possible to wash and disinfect hands without contact even without running water. The station is produced locally in Guinea Bissau, works extremely water-saving, is robust and designed for long-term outdoor use.

As you can see on the photos, our support was received with great enthusiasm and our team was eagerly awaited. The next tour is already being planned. Please support us with our next aid delivery. Every Euro helps!

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